Congestion Charge conundrum

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Will Nightingale
01 December 2008

Congestion Charge conundrum

Is it true that cars pumping out 120g/km of CO2 or less are - or will be - exempt from the London Congestion Charge? I have read this in various articles, but have been unable to get it confirmed officially. Was it just an idea that was floated and then abandoned? Id like to know because I will change my car if I can save 8 a day.
Joseph Farchy

Had Ken Livingstone been re-elected Mayor of London, cars pumping out less than 121g/km of CO2 would have become exempt from the Congestion Charge.

Drivers of cars emitting more than 225g/km, on the other hand, would have been stumping up 25 a day.

However, when Boris Johnson was elected Mayor in May these plans were scrapped.

So, for the foreseeable future youll be paying 8 a day, regardless of how much CO2 your car emits.

The only cars that are exempt are hybrids, such as a Toyota Prius or Lexus RX-400h, and certain other vehicles powered by alternative fuels.