Dacia Sandero discounts: UK’s cheapest new car just got cheaper

Discounts now being offered on the UK’s lowest-priced new car

Words By Claire Evans

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Dacia Sandero

Renault offshoot Dacia has made a name for itself by selling the cheapest new car in the UK – the Sandero small hatchback has a starting price of Β£5995.

The brand’s prices were said to be so low that no discounts would be offered on new cars. However, our Target Price discount for the cheapest Sandero 1.0 Access is Β£5930 – a saving of 1.1% or Β£65 on its recommended retail price.

We’ve also spotted dealers offering up to 1.7% off the same car, taking its price down to Β£5891 as a cash purchase.

If you’re buying on a PCP deal instead, like many car manufacturers, Dacia is offering a contribution towards the deposit on a new car.

It’ll provide Β£400 towards the cost of a new Sandero Ambience 75 TCe, which after a customer deposit of Β£1361, takes the monthly payments on a four-year deal down to Β£89.

Ambience trim isn’t lavish, but it does add aircon and a digital radio to the entry-level Access trim.

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9. Renault Clio

The Renault Clio is an established name in the small car world, and it's still a popular choice in the UK. There's plenty of scope to personalise this stylish hatchback, and while it's a little bit behind rivals such as the Ford Fiesta and Volkswagen Polo when it comes to engine quietness, the diesel engine recommended here is a real delight. The interior is reasonably spacious, too, even if some of the fixtures and fittings feel a little cheap.

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8. Audi A1

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