DC100 close to production car, says LR

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DC100 close to production car, says LR
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Chas Hallett
13 Sep 2011 11:31

Land Rover could put a car close to the DC100 concept into production, company design boss Gerry McGovern has revealed to What Car?

'There's nothing about it that's not feasible,' he revealed. 'We don't do that many concepts that aren't production cars.'

McGovern also cited the example of the LRX show car that became the Evoque production car as an example of what could happen to the DC100.

The final production version of the new Defender is likely to surface in around 2015 and will probably spawn lots of different variants.

Land Rover's design boss said that it can be turned into a van, a station wagon and 'it would be dead easy to do a pick-up' version too, he admitted.

The company is currently going through 'configurability' tests with the car in order to establish how it could be produced and what customers eventually want.

As well as exterior styling, McGovern's team are also hard at work on how the interior of the finished car could look.

'Durable premiumness' is the goal according to McGovern. So you can expect the cabin to be a long way from the current Defender's, but it won't be as luxurious and an Evoque either, being 'overtly functional and durable'.

The company is keen to keep the Defender as a more utilitarian car, designed to appeal to those who need it for work.