Draper PW1910

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What Car? Staff
10 March 2011

Draper PW1910

Draper PW1910
Price: 227.55
Where: Draper.co.uk

Ease of use:
The Draper was the most time-consuming to set up of all the models we tested. Clearer instructions would have made the process a lot easier.

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The Draper unit has an internal detergent tank, which supplies a strong and plentiful amount of foam. A fan-style and rotary pattern nozzle are supplied as standard. Performance was perfectly adequate, and can effectively tackle ground-in grime on cars, along with moss and algae outbreaks in the garden.

Despite being quite a big machine, it feels stable and well-balanced although the handle that took so long to fit felt slightly less than convincing.

Draper PW1910
Max water pressure: 130 Bar
Flow rate: 380 Litres/hr
Motor Power: 1900 Watt
Hose length: 6 metresStorage
A clever design that has storage for everything, but it's a shame that you have to undo the hose before it can be wound on to the reel. Once done, though, it is neat and tidy and takes up very little space in the shed or garage.

What Car? says...
A perfectly good pressure washer, but the price and awkward assembly process cost it points in our test. Operationally, though, the Draper is a fine machine that's easily capable of successfully taking on all automotive and garden duties that are thrown at it.