Drivers give coalition a 'no vote'

* Just 12% think Government backs drivers * 46% drivers think coalition is against them * Cheaper insurance for females slammed, too...

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Pete Barden
09 January 2012

More than 80% of drivers think the Government doesn't support motorists, according to new research from breakdown company Autonational Rescue.

The poll asked drivers if they thought the Government was for or against the motorist, with 46% saying they believed it was against them, while 38% believed the administration was neither for nor against car owners.

These results will come as a blow to the Government's credibility, after former transport secretary Philip Hammond had said the coalition would end the 'war on motorists'.

However, since the coalition came to power in May 2010, drivers have seen fuel prices hit record highs, while motoring-related taxes have also continued to rise.

The survey revealed that 77% of those questioned thought that male and female drivers should pay the same insurance rates, with 45% declaring that premiums should be based on age and driving experience alone.

This follows last year's ruling from the European Court of Justice that stated insurers should not base premiums on the driver's gender. The ruling takes effect in December 2012.

Pete Barden