Electric cars turn on drivers

* Seven out of 10 would go electric * Young drivers are keenest * Drivers want lower bills...

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David Motton
01 August 2008

Electric cars turn on drivers

Seven out of 10 drivers would consider buying an electric car to benefit the environment.

Thats the finding of new research by Esure car insurance. Younger drivers are more likely to choose an electric car in the future, with 81% saying they would make the switch. The over 55s are more cautious, although 66% would consider driving an electric car.

Gloomy economic conditions and high fuel prices are taking their toll, with 65% of motorists saying they have changed their attitude to driving. Almost one in five drivers is thinking of buying a more fuel-efficient car.

It could be some time before switching to electric power is a viable option for most drivers, though.

Mike Pickard, head of risk and underwriting at Esure car insurance, said: 'The only way for electric cars to become a viable option is to have a sufficient infrastructure in place, such as plug in points across the country, and a greater choice of models to suit all types of motorist and family sizes.'