Electric Toyota i-Road revealed

* Electric two-seater unveiled * i-Road could rival Renault Twizy * Three-wheeler has 30-mile range...

Electric Toyota i-Road revealed

This is the all-electric Toyota i-Road concept car, that has just made its debut at the Geneva motor.

The three-wheeled i-Road is intended for urban commuters and has a maximum range of 30 miles. It can be fully charged in just three hours using a domestic socket, but is not compatible with fast-charge systems.

Toyota claims that four i-Roads can fit in a single parking bay.

The i-Road features a stability system called 'Active Lean', which allows the i-Road to lean into corners like a motorbike. Driver and passenger are completely enclosed so don't have to wear helmets. The i-Road's turning circle is just three metres.

The i-Road's top speed is 28mph, but Toyota says the 30-mile range is achievable only at an average of just 18mph.

Toyota claims that the i-Road could be operated in a similar manner to systems in major cities where bicycles are hired to the public such as the Boris Bike scheme in London.

Toyota says there's a strong chance the electric-powered two-seater will make it into production, although no date has been set.