Electrified London taxi-based van revealed

New LEVC VN5 is named after its five-metre-cubed carrying capacity...

LEVC VN5 in city

A new electrified van has been launched by the makers of the London taxi.

Called the LEVC VN5, the van is based on the same basic architecture as the TX black cab. It combines a claimed 63 miles of electric range from a 31kWh battery with a petrol engine, giving a total official range of 301 miles.

However, LEVC believes the typical buyer will cover around 100 miles a day in the van, highlighting that the range-extending petrol engine therefore gives buyers more flexibility than some of the pure-electric vans already on sale.

Buyers can specify levels of charging speed – at rising cost – so that they can determine how quickly they wish to be able to top up the van.

The van is named after its five-metre-cubed load space – enough to carry two Euro-pallets, which can be loaded through the side door. Its claimed gross carrying capacity is 800kg.

LEVC is owned by Geely, which also owns Volvo. Consequently it is talking up the VN5’s safety technology, which it says is “the latest active safety systems” and meets the “latest crash standards benchmarked against premium MPVs”.

The van will also benefit from the London taxi’s highly regarded ultra-tight turning circle

The VN5 is the latest electrified van to be launched, in readiness for public services to switch to greener transport and in the expectation that legislation will start to penalise petrol and diesel vans for entering built-up areas.

No price has been revealed, with sales due to begin in the second half of 2020. However, it is expected to be marketed as a premium product with a list price above £40,000.

As with the taxi, however, LEVC is expected to offer competitive lease costs, taking into account the potential savings of running on electricity and other reduced ownership costs, including 25,000-mile service intervals.

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