Every Volkswagen coming soon

Volkswagen is planning to introduce 12 new models over the next four years, seven of which are fully electric. Here’s everything we know about each of them so far...

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In some ways, new electric cars are like buses; you wait ages for one, and then many come along at once. You see, it wasn't until 2019 that the VW ID 3 went on sale.

Yet only a few years later, the German car maker's range of ID-badged electric cars spans everything from family cars to MPVs, with the latest all-new model to join the line-up – the VV ID 7 – arriving soon.

However, there are still plenty of gaps in the Volkswagen new car line-up, which they intend to fill with a number of new electric cars as well as some models powered by a traditional combustion (petrol or diesel) engine. In this story, we'll take you through what's coming when.