EX Spider iHolder

* Got a smartphone * get yourself an in-car phone mount * We test them here...

EX Spider iHolder
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What Car? Staff
5 May 2011 15:33

EX Spider iHolder
Price: 9.99 (Halfords.com)

You can either slot this into one of the air vent ducts or stick it to the top of your car's dashboard.

You'll either need nimble fingers or both hands to pull apart the rotating arms that spring back to clasp phones of different sizes.

Although this cradle rotates through 360 degrees, it's a very simple unit with no other bells or whistles.

The spring for the arms that clasp the phone feel strong, so does the dashboard base that you can slot the cradle into. The arms used for locating it in the base or air-vent feel fragile, though.

What Car? says
The clasp system is versatile, but we don't like the idea of sticking the cradle base to the car's dashboard which could cause damage and alert thieves.

The air-vent 'fingers' are also far too weak to hold the cradle in place when it's weighed down by a phone.