'Excessive' speeders to get six points

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Jim Holder
20 November 2008

'Excessive' speeders to get six points

The Government has proposed that drivers who break the speed limit by more than 20mph should receive six penalty points on their licence. The move is part of a crackdown on reckless and dangerous driving.

The safety review also includes proposals on drink-driving and drug-driving, in a bid to cut Britain's 3000 road deaths a year.

Road Safety Minister Jim Fitzpatrick unveiled the proposals in a consultation document that will now be put out for public review until the end of February.

The consultation covers:

The Government is proposing to impose six penalty points on anyone caught at 20mph or more above the speed limit. That is double the current penalty.

Research has suggested the six-point fine would be a bigger deterrent to stopping drivers breaking speed limits excessively.

Fines, however, would remain at current levels.

Independent research suggests that one in five drivers killed on the roads may have a performance-impairing drug in their system.

Therefore, the Government is considering bringing drug-driving in line with drink-driving, making it illegal to drive after taking a drug which is both illegal and impairing.

The Government will also launch a major new publicity campaign on drug-driving and provide police with improved training and equipment to catch offenders.

The proposals suggest that a driver's right to a second breath test with a doctor is scrapped, as modern roadside test equipment is now accurate enough to rely on.

More modern digital test equipment will also be provided to police forces, with the Government investing 2 million to buy it.

The Government is also seeking views on lowering the legal alcohol limit.

Careless driving
The Government is proposing to give drivers who admit careless driving a fixed penalty of 60 and three points on their licence. At present, the offence requires a court appearance.

The Government hopes this will reduce bureaucracy, freeing up police resources.

Remedial courses
The Government is proposing a major review of remedial training and testing schemes to ensure consistency and common standards.