Ford's 100 years in photos 5/52

* Ford celebrates 100 years in Britain * A photo a week from Ford's archive * This week a suit to age you...

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02 February 2011

Ford's 100 years in photos  5/52

Ford is celebrating 100 years in Britain by delving into its archive of photographs.

This week, Ford tells us UK life expectancy has nearly doubled in the past 100 years, and the motor industry has had to stay ahead of the game.

The image shows Ford's Third Age Suit, used by engineers to replicate physical constraints associated with growing older.

The suit can simulate mobility issues, such as those caused by arthritis; eyesight conditions, thanks to specially designed glasses; and reduced tactile sensitivity, sometimes experienced due to age and/or skin conditions.

By experiencing these limitations themselves, Ford's engineers can help ensure Ford vehicles are accessible and easily useable.

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