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08 April 2011
Friday afternoon fun  take our quiz

How fast is an Audi R8, how economical is a Focus Econetic and how much is the cheapest Range Rover Evoque?

The Quiz of the Week
It's time for our latest Quiz of the Week and your chance to see just how good your motoring knowledge is.

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Easiest question from last week
The easiest question from last week concerned our poll. We asked what had happened to pump prices in your area since the Budget, and 93.5% of you correctly said that you thought they had either stayed the same or risen.

Hardest question from last week
A sizeable 49.3% of you voted for the Hyundai i30 as having the largest boot of the three small family cars we selected but, in fact, that honour goes to the Ford Focus. At 396 litres with the seats in place it has 56 litres of space more than the Hyundai and 46 litres more than the Volkswagen Golf.

Take last week's quiz
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