Fun and funky

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04 November 2009

Fun and funky

Name Joe Breeze
Age 23
Drives Renault Clio
Budget 10,000 (plus scrappage)
Wants: 'Something fun to drive with a bit of poke, but nothing too crazy because I need to be able to afford to insure it!

'Something a bit different would be nice.'

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Fiat Panda 100HP
Price 10,400
Scrappage Price 8400

Fiat's sportiest Panda weighs in at 1600 under budget if Joe scraps his old Clio. The 100HP is nippy enough and certainly a bit different. The ride is bumpy, but the Panda is surprisingly affordable to insure. 

Renault Twingo 1.6 Renaultsport 133, '09/09
Price 9979

This frisky little terrier will get Joe to 62mph in 8.7 seconds and it's even more impressive through the corners. The cheap interior is a letdown, but Joe'll be having too much fun to pay it a lot of attention. 

Mazda MX-5 1.8i, '06/56
Price 8600

This brilliant roadster won't be the cheapest to insure, but Joe could pick one up for around 1400 under budget. There are loads of examples to choose from and reliability should be excellent.