Geneva 2012: Four VW Up concept cars

* Swiss Up, Winter Up, Cargo Up and X Up * Two four-door models and a van * Geneva motor show March 6...

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John McIlroy
06 March 2012

Geneva 2012: Four VW Up concept cars

Four Volkswagen Up concept cars have been unveiled at the 2012 Geneva motor show.

The Swiss Up, Winter Up, Cargo Up and X Up are all variations on the German manufacturers smallest model. The Swiss Up is unashamedly a nod to the Geneva shows local visitors; its interior and exterior feature the colours of the Swiss flag.

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The other three cars are technically more interesting. The Winter Up is a four-door model - derived from the chunky Cross Up, clearly - with an integrated snowboard holder that can also be used for skis.

The X Up is another four-door, this time featuring a roofbox with a pair of integrated searchlights. VW believes this car could be used off road; it has solid underbody guards around the front and rear axles.

The final concept car, Cargo Up, is a small van designed for inner city use. Its rear cabin is transformed into a load area of around 1400 litres, and a protective screen sits between the occupants and the cargo. The Cargo Up is powered by the entry-level 59bhp three-cylinder petrol engine, emitting 105g/km of CO2. Its ride height has been raised by 15mm over that of a standard Up, and it can cope with payloads of up to 426kg.

None of the show cars is destined for production in the near future. VW is focusing instead on the turbocharged Up GT hot hatch.

John McIlroy