Good week, bad week: March 26

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26 March 2010

Good week, bad week: March 26

It's been a great week for Saab - after the company restarted production at its Trollhattan factory in Sweden.

Previous owners General Motors had started to wind down the company, but it was rescued by the Dutch supercar manufacturer Spyker and is now building the new 9-5.

It became clear that if you want to be among the first to get an electric car you'll need to dig deep. Mitsubishi revealed the price of its i-MiEV - and it's rather expensive. Even with the Government's 5000 incentive taken into account, it will cost you an eye-watering 33,699. Yikes.

Ford drops some prices
Ford has cut prices in the hope of clearing up confusion, which is great, but it's left the entry-level Focus more expensive than the entry-level Mondeo (for now).

Mazda cleans up and GM downsizes
Meanwhile, Mazda has promised to reduce the emissions of its 3 small family car and 6 family car to less than 105g/km by 2015.

General Motors gave us a glimpse of the future this week, by showing us the EN-V: how we might travel two-by-two in the distant future.

The crossover invasion continues
We've also taken a close look at two new supermini crossovers - the Nissan Juke and Mini Countryman. We think you'll like them. Have a look and see what you think.

We also found out whether there was good news or bad news for motorists in the Budget. You told us it was bad news.

The week that was, March 26, 2010
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