Mazda 3 and 6 hit sub-105g/km of CO2

* All Mazda 3 and 6s go below 120g/km * The cleanest will drop below 105g/km * Lighter cars and cleaner engines...

Mazda 3 and 6 hit sub-105g/km of CO2

All Mazda 3 and 6 models will cut their emissions below 120g/km by 2012, with the cleanest slashing emissions to sub-105g/km by 2015.

'Green revolution' is planned
Efficient new engines and lighter designs will help Mazda realise its goal of creating a 'green revolution' within its fleet.

Some superminis and small family cars such as the Volkswagen Polo and Golf have emissions lower than 105g/km today, but no family cars such as the Mazda 6 can manage this just yet.

These emissions are equivalent to a petrol Mazda 6 with average fuel consumption of 45mpg and a diesel that can do nearly 70mpg.

The more efficient models achieve their 30% improvement in emissions and fuel consumption with Mazda's new Skytech engine technology and lighter construction.

Mazda promises each new model it introduces will be at least 100kg lighter than the car it replaces.