Government's new speeding campaign

* Highlights the consequences of killing * 700 killed in speed-related accidents in 2007 * Campaign to cost 3.2 million...

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What Car? Staff
30 January 2009

Government's new speeding campaign

The Government has launched a new 3.2 million advertising campaign to highlight the consequences of speeding.

The hard-hitting campaign includes a television advert showing a driver haunted by images of a child -he has killed while speeding - seeing his body in the bathroom mirror, through the window of a bus and when playing in the park with his own son.

Road Safety Minister Jim Fitzpatrick said: 'Speed kills. More than 700 people were killed in 2007 in accidents where someone was driving too fast - that's two people every day of the year who didn't go home to their families.

'We want motorists to consider the consequences of speeding for them: what is life like for the driver who kills because they are in a rush to get home and how does that split second decision affect the rest of his or her life?'