Great deals now can't continue

* Ford boss says there are great deals now * Supply outstrips demand * Car makers want to build waiting lists...

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15 March 2011

Great deals now can't continue

Car buyers looking for a bargain should act fast, as most manufacturers are looking to build waiting lists to drive down stock levels and avoid selling cars at a discount, according to Ford of Great Britain's managing director, Nigel Sharp.

Sharp estimates that there are three buyers for every four cars currently built by all manufacturers in Europe, forcing them to discount models and offer generous promotions in a bid to out-do competitors.

'While this is great news for the customer, who is getting some great deals at the moment, it can't go on,' said Sharp at the launch of the new Ford Focus.

'We're keeping a very close eye on stocks, and trying to build only what we can sell.

'Already that means waiting lists are growing on some of our models order a Mondeo or Kuga today, for instance, and it won't be delivered until June.

'We don't want to keep customers waiting, but it's sound business practice as it avoids us holding stock and it protects resale values in the longer-term.'

Britain will be the largest market in the world for the new Focus, with estimated annual sales of 90,000 cars, but Sharp believes a streamlined spec package will help Ford keep up with demand. The new Focus is on sale later this month, with the estate to follow in May.

In addition, the older generation Focus, which has topped sales charts for its class in the first two months of 2011, will stay on sale until September in order to keep up with demand.

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