Buyers face long wait for Passat CC

* Six-month wait for Passat CC * Retail and fleet customers affected * Keep speaking to your dealer to stay informed...

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What Car? Staff
20 January 2011

Buyers face long wait for Passat CC

Passat CC buyers may have to wait for up to six months for their new car to be delivered, Volkswagen has confirmed.

Customers who have been in contact with What Car? have already been waiting for more than 140 days for their new car, but may still have at least another month before receiving their Passat CC.

A spokesman for Volkswagen UK confirmed that it had been 'struggling' to get deliveries to some customers and that there were shortages of CC models to both retail and fleet customers.

Volkswagen said there were many reason for the delays, including some dealers taking orders above their allocation and DSG models were also in particular short supply.

What to do
If you are concerned about the delivery time of your new car, speak to your dealer.

Ask for your new car's order number which should give you an accurate timetable for when to expect to take delivery.

If the dealer can't give you an order number ask why, and keep a note of all conversations and other communication regarding delivery. Contact the car maker's customer service team armed with this evidence if your'e not getting the information from the dealer.

Volkswagen says that once a car has been ordered, its price is protected so customers shouldn't have to pay more if there is a price rise before the car is delivered. Our advice would be to check with your dealer before you buy the car.

How to beat waiting times
Be flexible. The quickest way to get a new car is to order one from existing stock. That may mean you have to compromise on the colour and spec, but the trade-off could be a shorter wait.

If you are ordering a factory-built car, ask your dealer which month's supply it car is allocated for. Also, shop around. Different dealers could have different allocations and one dealer could get your car quicker than another.

Volkswagen has also said that some Passat CC customers are switching to the new Passat saloon instead, because it doesn't have such a long lead time.

Make sure you ask about waiting times before ordering and try to get an order number as soon as possible, so you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.