Griffin Tune Flex

* Got a smartphone * get yourself an in-car phone mount * We test them here...

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What Car? Staff
05 May 2011

Griffin Tune Flex

Griffin Tune Flex
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The charging arm of this mount connects straight into your car's the power outlet.

It's designed for an iPhone, which plugs into the cradle and is then held secure by rotating a knob on the cradle to press a cushioned back into the mobile.

The cradle charges the iPhone and it also broadcasts to your radio, so you can tune in through an FM frequency and listen to your music files.

The cradle rotates through 180 degrees, allowing you to switch between portrait and landscape views.

The arm has a nice rubber feel, as does the moving back of the cradle that secures against your phone. However, the charging connection and cradle feel a little flimsy and we were worried about possible damage to the iPhones connection.

What Car? says
The cradle can't hold itself upright and will fall to one side as you drive around. You can work around the problem by arranging the arm to one side, but it's not ideal.