Ground-breaking free sat-nav from Nokia

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21 January 2010

Ground-breaking free sat-nav from Nokia

Drivers could save hundreds of pounds with a free sat-nav system that downloads straight to their phone.

Huge market upheaval
The new system from Nokia could also inflict heavy damage on the established device-based sat-nav market, with bulky stand-alone machines potentially becoming obsolete.

This could become even more of a problem for conventional sat-nav makers if Nokia's rivals respond with similar applications and business models of their own.

Free sat-nav for Nokia smartphone users
Nokia says it will give free sat-nav software to all current and new customers who use its smartphones.

The company is the world's largest producer of mobile phones, and hopes to strengthen its position by wooing customers back from Apple's iPhone and mobiles that use Google's Android platform.

Once the sat-nav maps are loaded, Nokia's phones don't require a network connection to use the application unlike other phone-based mapping systems.

What's on offer?
As well as maps that span over 180 countries, Nokia's application includes turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation for 74 countries in 46 languages.

Traffic information is also available, along with speed camera and speed limit details. Facebook users can also update their profile with their 'live' location.

Lonely Planet and Michelin Guide information will come pre-loaded with the maps.

How can I get free sat-nav?
Nokia estimates that 83million active phones are able to use the service, so if you own a GPS-enabled Nokia smartphone, visit the Ovi store within the Nokia website and download the application here.