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What Car? Staff
19 Jan 2011 10:42

If, however, the car feels exactly right for you, its time to talk money. Tell the salesman youve been looking at online deals and ask him for his best price. Dont expect him to fall on his sword straight away, though.

Youll most likely hear lines such as: we cant discount that particular model, or theres very little margin on this car for us, so I can only knock off a few quid. If our Target Price suggests otherwise, hes fibbing.

Assuming the figure the salesman quotes is higher than your best online price, show him your print-out. Dont be surprised if he scoffs at this. You may even be subjected to some scaremongering about the dangers of buying off the internet, but dont be put off. Starting low is the first rule of haggling.

What Car? has all the info you need to take on the salesmanYoull be lucky if the salesman matches your online price a dealer has overheads that internet brokers dont but if you push hard, theres no reason you cant get close to it.

If negotiations arent going to plan, though, have your copy of What Car? to hand and refuse to pay a penny more than the Target Price.

The salesman will usually eventually agree to the Target Price, but if he doesnt, walk away and give our experts a call on 0845 272 6000 theyll put you in touch with a dealer who will.