Has the Budget helped with fuel costs?

* Will the fuel duty cut be passed on? * Does it make any difference? * Tell us what you think?...

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24 March 2011

Has the Budget helped with fuel costs?

George Osborne cut fuel duty by a penny per litre in yesterday's Budget, but will it really save motorists any cash?

Labour claims fuel prices will go up because oil companies will recoup the extra 2 billion windfall tax they've been charged in order to fund the cut for drivers.

While the Chancellor has said he'll watch pump prices 'like a hawk' to make sure the 2 billion levy isn't passed on to motorists, Labour questions his ability to influence what oil companies charge on the forecourt.

The AA says it does expect average fuel prices to come down slightly, although garages are free to charge what they want and many are increasing the cost for every litre.

What do you think
What do you think of the Budget?

Have you seen prices fall? Or has your local forecourt increased the price of fuel?

Do you think a penny reduction in the price of fuel will make a real difference to your motoring costs?

Do you think fuel companies will pass on none, some or all of the extra 2 billion they're being taxed on crude oil profits?

How do you think you will cope with the inflationary increases of around 6p per litre which are scheduled for 2012?

[Let us know](mailto:peter.lawton@whatcar.com?subject=Budget 2011) how you feel about the Budget and we'll publish your views here.