Have you used What Car? Target Price?

* Got a great deal? * We want to hear from you * Tell us about the deal you bagged...

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What Car? Staff
04 January 2012

Have you used What Car? Target Price?

Have you used What Car?s Target Price to get a great deal on a new car? If so, we want to hear from you. Get in touch and tell us about your experience. We'd like to know:

• Your name, age and where you live
• What car you bought (make and model)
• When you bought it
• The dealer you bought from
• The saving you made
• Whether you beat Target Price, and by how much

Email us at [editorial@whatcar.com](mailto:editorial@whatcar.com ?subject=Target Price) and tell us how Target Price has worked for you.

If youd like your story to appear in What Car? Dont forget to send us a digital photograph.