Holiday driving is worse than childbirth

* More stressful than getting married * Getting lost is biggest cause * Better preparation is the answer...

12 August 2011

Holiday driving is worse than childbirth

If you thought giving birth or breaking down were stressful, you clearly haven't been on holiday for a while. It's taking a break from the everyday grind that makes us sweat, according to the results of a new survey.

Continental Tyres quizzed 2000 people about what gets them hot under the collar and 51% said they'd started their holiday with a row and that they had an average of three spats with partners or family members during the trip.

The survey revealed that it takes an average of two days and six hours for holidaymakers to relax once they've reached their destination and 15% said they were more tense after their holiday than before they went.

Top causes of arguments included disputes over directions and getting lost on unfamiliar roads. The survey also showed that 18% of holiday disasters involved problems with the car.

Tim Bailey, a spokesperson from Continental Tyres, said: 'The anticipation of a great and much-needed holiday builds expectations and when problems occur, stress levels rise.

'What really creates tension is when something happens that better planning would have avoided. Preparation, such as ensuring you have the right paperwork to hire a car or being aware of local driving laws, is going to make travel abroad a lot smoother.'

Top 10 causes of stress:
1) Moving house
2) Job interview
3) Crashing car
4) Problems on holiday; getting lost, driving abroad
5) Paying off credit card
6) Wallet being stolen
7) Breaking down
8) Wedding day
9) First day of a new job
10) Giving birth