Holidaymakers hit by hire car shortage

  • Many prices have doubled
  • Spain is hit the hardest
  • Book before you fly
Words By What Car? Staff

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Holidaymakers could be left stranded at the airport as a Europe-wide shortage of hire cars hits travellers.

Bigger bills are also facing those who manage to find a car, because a shortage of supply has resulted in the price of hire cars doubling in some places.

Fleets cut due to dire forecasts
Predictions that recession-hit travellers would stay at home meant that hire firms have cut their fleets, and had difficulty obtaining finance to replace old vehicles.

A rush in last-minute bookings has confounded the forecasts and left many destinations without any hire cars.

Spain is the worst-affected area, with those who can get a car having to pay double the usual rate.

Size matters
With small cars in particular demand, hiring a larger vehicle can often prove to be cheaper.

President of Hertz Europe, Michel Tirade, said: 'There's a seasonal shortage of rental cars every summer, but it seems to be more acute this year because carmakers have cut production due to the uncertain economy.

'There has been a big increase in domestic and US inbound travel, and holidaymakers are deciding to go away at the last minute.'