Honda cuts production

* 10% fewer Civics to be built * Officials hope to avoid job cuts * Other manufacturers cutting back...

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Jim Holder
23 October 2008

Honda cuts production

Honda is the latest manufacturer to cut production at its UK factory as demand for new cars falls amid the economic crisis.

The company is reducing Civic production at its Swindon plant by 22,000 cars between December and March a reduction of 10%. Despite cutting workers' hours, company officials say they hope to retain all current staff at the plant.

The news comes shortly after Nissan announced that it would be reducing production at its Sunderland plant, while Toyota, Ford, Vauxhall, Jaguar, Land Rover and Bentley have all announced reductions at their UK factories.

The car industry's struggles could be good news for new car buyers, however, with discounts increasing as manufacturers try to move stock.