How to save cash

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20 January 2011

How to save cash

Hopefully, you already know that you should never pay the full list price on a new car, but where are the best and worse savings to be found? We've got the answers here.

Virtually every model on sale today is available at a discount unless you're looking at something that's just been released or something that's in strong demand.

The What Car? Target Price shows the most you should be paying for any new car, but what are the biggest and smallest savings available in our 14 Car of the Year categories?

Here we're going to take a look at the stingiest and the biggest savings available.

There's more to life than discounts
Don't forget, our Target Price is the most you should be paying for any new car, so haggle hard and you should be able to secure and even bigger discount.

Also remember that a big discount when you buy could mean poor resale values when you come to sell the car.

What Car? also offers free used car valuations, a free depreciation index on every car on sale and the whole shooting match of running costs wrapped into one three-year ownership figure in the data sections of our car reviews. What more could you need?

Once you've narrowed down your search to a select few cars you can use our comparison tool to put each of their figures next to each other for more detailed inspection.

Now, on with the discounts