Improved quality

* Stylish, luxurious hatchback priced from 18,500 * On sale autumn * **MPG** 44.0-67.0 (est) **CO2** 110-150g/km (est)...

Improved quality

What is noticeable is the higher quality of the interior fittings compared with a C4. 'Quality is one of the key elements,' says Marmiesse. 'We spent a lot of work on the details and materials.'

The main dash structure is identical to the C4's, but the trim is richer and the colour schemes are different. There are softer finishes, more chrome highlights and unique DS flourishes like the monogrammed kickplates on the sills and the patterns on the door handles.

In France the DS4 is likely to be priced between 1200 and 1600 more than a similar-engined C4, which suggests prices will start at around 18,500 in the UK around 20% more than the equivalent C4.

Take a closer look
Get closer to the Citroen DS4 by having an intimate look around its dashboard. Simply click on the icon in the bottom right corner of the photo below, then move your cursor around the photo for a closer look.

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