Inside the car

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Steve Huntingford
11 February 2008

Inside the car

Some people may be disappointed by the interior because, aside from leather sports seats, it looks much like any ISs.

Still, the controls are logically laid out, and you get a touch-screen display to keep clutter to a minimum. Most drivers will find it easy to get comfortable thanks to electric seat and steering wheel adjustment.

There's plenty of space up front, but anyone travelling in the back is less well catered for. Its designed for two, with a central armrest dividing the individual seats, and theres little space for feet if the front seats are set low.

The boot is small and awkwardly shaped, too, with significant wheelarch intrusion.

Happily, equipment levels are good, making the big-name German brands look stingy. You get 19-inch alloy wheels, keyless entry, dual-zone climate control, a 14-speaker stereo, satellite-navigation and a reversing camera. In fact, the only item on the options list is a sunroof.