Is my car a non-starter for scrappage

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What Car? Staff
22 October 2009

Is my car a non-starter for scrappage cash?
Q) Does my car have to be a 'runner' to qualify for the scrappage scheme. It's taxed and has a valid MoT, but the cam belt has just snapped, ruining the engine.
Pete Thompson

A) Don't worry. A car doesn't need to be in working order to qualify for the Government's scrappage scheme. Your car simply needs to meet the following criteria (at the time of order) to be eligible for the 2000 allowance:

• It must be registered in the UK on, or before, February 29, 2000
• It must be registered in your name for (at least) the last 12 months
• It must be insured
• It must weigh no more than 3500kgs
• It must have a current MoT certificate and valid tax disc (cars will still qualify if either has expired in the last 14 days)