'It is a mad scheme'

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'It is a mad scheme'

'Another load of anti-car rubbish. Anyone who has followed the price rises on the M6 Toll would find this idea laughable. Motorists who think that they will pay 10p a mile are in need of a dose of reality.

'Oh, it will start at 10p and soon be 50p, then 2 then 5 per mile as funds are channelled off to fund other broken government services. Of course, government, council and quango officials would drive for free.

'This is just another corrupt idea to circumnavigate the will of the people as expressed in the Manchester referendum.
Joseph Gregory

'I think it is a mad scheme that will benefit no-one other than the rich and well-heeled!

'The normal driver who has to travel will have to see fuel at a very low price to see any benefit at all.

'People will stop travelling as the cost will become prohibitive.

'Prices for all goods will increase as all businesses try to pass on the massive extra costs.

'Sounds like we are in a communist state. We are watched, penalised for every wrong action already!

'This is an ill-thought-out scheme that deserves to be placed in the bin immediately. The only people that might benefit are those that have been paid to research it and run it!

'I am disgusted. I have no plans to every take them up on this ever.
Claire Armstrong