Kids embarrassed by parents' cars

* Parents' driving is real concern * 66% say parents are aggressive drivers * 10% frightened of parents' speeding...

Kids embarrassed by parents' cars

Forget dodgy fashion choices and 'dad dancing', today's kids are more embarrassed by what and how their parents drive.

Two in five say their parents drive 'uncool' cars, according to a poll of 1000 children.

Unsurprisingly, most said they want to trade in the family car for a sports car or 4x4. Around one in 10 of four to seven year-olds wants a monster truck.

However it's bad behaviour that really makes kids cringe. Two thirds admitted their parents are aggressive drivers and three quarters said their parents shout at other road users.

The survey also found that:

• One in five reported that their 'responsible adult' has used a mobile phone while driving

• 22% of children slump down in their seat to try to hide because of their parents' poor driving

• Almost a quarter had been in an accident with either mum or dad behind the wheel.

• One in 10 said they had gripped the seat in response to the speed of their parents' driving.

Tim Bailey, safety expert for Continental Tyres, which carried out the survey, said: 'The assumption might have been that driving with a child in the car prompts greater care and attention, but this evidence suggests not.'