Kylie Minogue and Lexus team up

* Star gets a new Lexus CT200h * Lexus sponsors Kylie's new tour * Do you care? Take our ambassador quiz...

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What Car? Staff
25 January 2011

Kylie Minogue and Lexus team up

Kylie Minogue and Lexus is a match made in heaven as the pop singer becomes an ambassador for the brand and gets sponsorship of her upcoming Aphrodite tour.

The Australian pop star will appear in a wide-ranging advertising campaign with the CT200h, and will take delivery of one. She described the car as 'both stylish and elegant', but didn't comment on the car's ride.

Lexus director Belinda Poole said: 'Kylie is the perfect ambassador for Lexus and the new CT200h. Kylie has the energy, style and exceptionally popular public profile that will reach directly to customers new to the brand.'

Or perhaps not. According to one of the most one-sided polls ever, just 1% of you reckon a brand ambassador such Kylie has any influence over your buying decision.

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