Low-resistance tyres hike new-car prices

* EU plans will add to new car price * So will tyre-pressure monitor systems * Emissions and running costs will drop...

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Jim Holder
10 Jun 2008 10:32

European Union plans to reduce emissions by forcing car manufacturers to fit low-resistance tyres by 2012 could add 200 to the price of a new car, according to the The Daily Telegraph newspaper.

However, the tyres, which could improve fuel economy and lower the emissions of each new car by an average of 4g/km of carbon dioxide, will reduce motorists' running costs.

This additional cost of buying a new car comes on top of proposed road tax rises, high fuel prices and the additional cost of safety and environmental equipment.

New-car prices are set to rise by an estimated 500-1000 by 2012, because manufacturers will be forced to fit expensive technology to meet stringent EU emission targets. They have to achieve an average of 120g/km of carbon dioxide across their ranges.

Other systems set to be made mandatory by 2012 are tyre-monitoring systems, which could add up to 100 to the cost of a new car, but save an estimated average of 3g/km of CO2.