Lower the drink drive limit, but not yet

* Transport Select Committee says * Enforce current limit more first * and then slash it by three-quarters...

Lower the drink drive limit, but not yet
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What Car? Staff
1 Dec 2010 17:23

The drink-drive limit should be quartered, but only after more strict enforcement of the current 80mg/100ml maximum, according to the cross-party Transport Select Committee.

The committees verdict was published to coincide with the start of the UKs Christmas anti-drink drive advertising campaign.

It says public support for a lower limit needs to be won, and it believes stricter enforcement of the current limit will help to prepare motorists for a big drop.

While there has been some pressure for the UK to immediately fall in line with the 50mg/100ml limit used across most of Europe, the committee does not recommend this.

Instead, the MPs suggest an even lower, near zero-tolerance limit of 20mg/100ml. This is the same as the limit used in Sweden and allows only for the use of some medications that contain small amounts of alcohol.