Luxury and executive cars

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18 November 2010

Luxury and executive cars

Mercedes-Benz CLS

No other luxury or executive manufacturer gets a look in you voted Mercedes first, second and third.

However, buyers in this class are generally happy, as even your least favourite, the Volvo S80, didnt disgrace itself and scored well above average.

Why no BMW 5 Series or Jaguar XJ? The current models are too new to be included in this years Awards.

Here are some of your comments on the winning and worst car in the luxury and executive category.

Lux & Execs
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I wanted a well built, quick, comfortable, quiet and economical car to replace my old Porsche 911. The CLS ticked all the boxes. I really cant fault it and love it just as much as the Porsche.
Stan Radley 320 CDI

The CLS is my first Mercedes I previously owned BMWs, Audis and Jaguars. The car is excellent and, apart from needing a replacement steering rack and a new key fob, it has been fault-free.
Kevin Thorpe 320 CDI

Undoubtedly the most fabulous car weve ever owned it looks stunning, quality is flawless and the cabin makes every journey feel like an event.
Jeremy Knox 320 CDI I used to own an S-Class the CLS feels more than just 200kg lighter
Alastair Macqueen 320 CDI (pictured)

Worst in class Volvo S80
After a shaky start (the rear seat release levers didnt work Ive had no further problems. Dealer service has been great.
E Jenkins 2.4D SE Sport