M4 to become a 'hydrogen highway'

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M4 to become a 'hydrogen highway'

The M4 motorway is to become Britain's first 'hydrogen highway', with refuelling points along the route, Welsh Secretary Peter Hain announced today.

It's hoped this will help overcome the main obstacle in the way of hydrogen cars the lack of a fuelling infrastructure by creating a low-carbon fuel corridor along the South Wales section of the M4. There are also plans to extend the 'corridor' east as far as London.

'Hydrogen presents exciting opportunities for low-carbon energy and I want South Wales to become a UK centre of excellence and expertise in hydrogen fuel technologies both in development and manufacturing,' said Peter Hain.

Wales is the latest region to be designated a Low Carbon Economic Area (LCEA) with emphasis on the development of hydrogen and low-carbon fuel technologies. The West Midlands has also been designated as such.

• The University of Glamorgan is to receive funding worth 6.3 million for a project called CymruH2Wales for research into hydrogen production and usage, it was announced today.