Manual Grand C4 Picasso?

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13 August 2008

Manual Grand C4 Picasso?

**Q: I test drove a Citroen Grand C4 Picasso 2.0 HDi EGS Exclusive and really liked it. The only thing that stopped me putting down a deposit was the EGS gearbox, which I found lumpy and unresponsive.

What I would really like is a 2.0 HDi Exclusive with a manual gearbox. Could you tell me if Citroen will be offering this combination in the near future?
Chris Newman**

A: Citroen don't offer a manual version of the 2.0 HDi Exclusive and they are no plans to introduce one, but they do sell a fully automatic version.

It will cost you another 700 over the EGS-equipped car, however, and won't do as many miles to the gallon.

A tax disc will cost you 65 more a year, too, because the fully automatic version pumps out more CO2.

If you don't fancy the extra cost of the fully automatic car and don't think you could live with the EGS version why not look at the 1.6 HDi? It's cheaper to buy and cheaper to run. It isn't available in Exclusive trim, but with the money you've saved you could go for a VTR+ and pay extra for some goodies.

The EGS (electronic gearbox system) is a type of semi-automatic transmission. The downside is it isn't as smooth or responsive as conventional automatic boxes. That means a different driving style is required to avoid jerky gear changes. Selecting manual mode and backing off the accelerator when shifting up improves matter a lot.

It's not all bad news, though. The EGS box doesn't harm fuel economy and emissions like most automatic gearboxes and (at 700) it's a lot cheaper than many.