More hot Volkswagen models on the way

* More hot VWs planned * Polo R and hardcore Golf GTI * Motorsport-influenced models likely...

More hot Volkswagen models on the way

Volkswagen is likely to build more than just a hot version of the Polo as the company works to support its burgeoning motorsport interests, according to the man tasked with developing the company's rally project.

Jost Capito, who moved to VW earlier this year after more than a decade working on Ford's performance vehicles, is preparing for the debut of the Polo WRC on the famous Monte Carlo Rally in January. However, he also revealed to What Car? that his new role is likely to expand to include influence over performance road cars, and that he would favour increased development of motorsport-influenced models beyond the forthcoming Polo R.

'I have always had the view that the production cars have to support and reflect what is happening on the circuits and rally stages,' said Capito. 'I implemented that at Ford, and that view hasn't changed now that I am at VW. By definition it would mean more than the Polo R. For the immediate future, though, we have to prepare for the 2013 season with the Polo rally car, and then see how things develop.'

Volkswagen Golf GTI concept car was unveiled at the 2012 Paris motor show; hardcore version is due

VW is already said to be preparing a 'hardcore' version of the forthcoming Golf GTI, using materials such as carbonfibre to slash its weight even further and improve performance without the need to boost power. That type of limited-edition model could allow VW to nurture a favourable reputation among enthusiasts, while still pushing ahead with mainstream 'hot' cars such as the regular Golf and Polo GTIs.

Limited-edition motorsport-influenced models are likely to be offered alongside 'mainstream' hot hatches such as the Golf GTI

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By John McIlroy