More scrappage funds revealed

* Mistakes in amount of orders * Up to 50,000 counted twice * Corrected figure by December...

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What Car? Staff
23 November 2009

More scrappage funds revealed

Scrappage scheme payouts are available to thousands more car buyers than previously thought, after up to 50,000 orders were counted twice.

More scrappage money available
The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (the Government organisation responsible for managing the scheme) originally said that 260,000 scrappage claims had been made by November 6. However, it has since emerged that many of these were duplicates.

Buyers who either placed an order only to discover that their car wasn't eligible for the 2000 payout, or changed their minds before taking delivery, were also not removed from the database.

New figure by December
A spokesperson from the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) said: 'The scheme is now past the halfway mark of total orders possible under the scheme. Therefore we decided the time was right to undertake a "data cleansing exercise" on the database of orders, to remove any minor errors.'

BIS will release a corrected figure for the number of orders taken before the end of the month.

The error could mean the scheme runs longer than expected. It won't run beyond the original cut-off date of February 28, 2010, but predictions were that the funds would originally run out shortly after Christmas.