More tricks and gizmos

More tricks and gizmos

As well as Alfa DNA, the Mito also gets something called the 'Q2 Electronic' system. This traction control system operates only on the brakes and acts like the self-locking differential used in some sports cars.

In a normal car, the inner wheel loses grip when you go round a corner, and the car begins to swing wide when you accelerate out of a bend.

With Q2 Electronic, it brakes the inner wheel and redistributes the pulling power from the engine, applying it to the outer wheel with the most grip, making things safer for the driver and improving handling.

Other smart systems include DST (Dynamic Steering Torque), which applies slight torque to the steering to create more feedback, but only in certain circumstances - such as when the car is oversteering, or to keep the car on a particular course if there are different amounts of grip on each side.