My car's been attacked by a UFO!

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What Car? Staff
19 January 2009

My car's been attacked by a UFO!

Following claims that a UFO damaged a wind turbine in Lincolnshire, an insurance broker says it has received an enquiry from a customer asking what would happen if a UFO hit his car.

As a result, insurance company Adrian Flux has outlined some of the more bizarre motoring accidents that would be covered by a comprehensive insurance policy. These include:

  • Monkeys wrecking the car on a drive through a safari park.

  • A block of frozen urine dropping from the sky and striking a car.

  • A meteorite crashing from space and destroying a vehicle.

  • Crashing into a grand piano carelessly left on a hairpin bend of an Alpine pass (as long as the insurance includes European cover).

  • A kangaroo, on the hop from a local zoo, jumps on a car and wrecks the roof.

  • A mastermind criminal, operating from a satellite in a geostationary orbit, holding the local council to ransom by taking over traffic lights and causing gridlock in the streets, then during the ensuing chaos the car is smashed.

Yes, a UFO crashing into the car is a legitimate claim. However, if the UFO causes an accident by attacking the car, then that would be considered an act of war and would not be covered.

So now you know.