New Audi RS5 vs Audi Quattro

Is the new Audi RS5 a worthy successor to the legendary Quattro? We drive them back-to-back...

New Audi RS5 vs Audi Quattro – interior and equipment

New Audi RS5 vs Audi Quattro

Slide into the RS5’s supportive leather seats and it’s hard not to be wooed by the clean yet stylish lines of its dashboard, the high-quality materials and the amount of space you have. A massage function is available, while standard kit includes climate control, parking sensors and Audi’s Virtual Cockpit digital instrument display, which provides a vast array of information clearly and attractively.

The Quattro also gets a digital dashboard, but comparing the two is like comparing a Casio digital watch to an Apple watch. The old car shows all the basics but in a very 1980s style that offers minimal amounts of configurability on what is a basic trip computer.

In terms of equipment, the Quattro has a height-adjustable drivers seat, a rear wash wipe, a cigarette lighter, a leather steering wheel and, well, not much else. You don’t even get air conditioning or a cupholder.

New Audi RS5 vs Audi Quattro – infotainment

New Audi RS5 vs Audi Quattro

The RS5 features Audi’s brilliant MMI infotainment system, which is operated by a rotary dial between the front seats. Sat-nav with 3D mapping is included along with smartphone connectivity and a DAB radio. All of this is displayed on a high-definition screen that’s mounted in an easy-to-see spot on the top of the dashboard.

As for the Quattro’s infotainment, there’s an AM/FM radio with a cassette player. We would have tried it, but we put all of our tapes in the bin years ago.

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