New Audi RS5 vs Audi Quattro

Is the new Audi RS5 a worthy successor to the legendary Quattro? We drive them back-to-back...

New Audi RS5 vs Audi Quattro – space and practicality

New Audi RS5 vs Audi Quattro

Neither the RS5 nor the Quattro are particularly practical in the grand scheme of things. They both have only two doors, hold four and their seats don’t do anything particularly clever. That said, they both have enough room for four adults to sit in relative comfort, assuming those in the back aren’t too tall.

Overall, though, it’s the RS5 that's the clear winner here. It has the larger boot opening and you can fold the rear seats in order to get longer items in. The Quattro’s load bay is short in comparison and partially taken up by a space-saver spare wheel.

New Audi RS5 vs Audi Quattro – costs

New Audi RS5 vs Audi Quattro

Even when you take into account inflation, the Quattro cost slightly less than the RS5 when new. However, you do get an awful lot more for you money with the RS5.

Of course, the RS5 will only lose money for the foreseeable future, whereas if you buy a good Quattro now, it's value is only likely to go up.

Just bear in mind that buying any classic car should be done with care, because repair bills can be very costly. The RS5 is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty and will be far more dependable.

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