New BMW Z4 vs new Audi TT Roadster

The old BMW Z4 wasn’t much fun to drive, but this new one promises to rectify that. Let’s see if it’s a better sports car than the recently refreshed Audi TT Roadster...

Audi TT interior

Behind the wheel

Driving position, visibility, build quality

To sit in, the Z4 feels sportier. You sit lower, legs stretched out horizontally, while the TT’s pedals are nearer its seat, which is positioned higher, more like a hatchback’s. Although some testers found the Z4’s offset pedals a nuisance, the consensus was that it offers the more natural seating position, while the TT – complete with standard adjustable lumbar support (a £265 option in the Z4) – has the more supportive seat. 

BMW Z4 interior

You get digital instrument dials in both that can display an array of information, including navigation maps, media and phone menus. Their dashboards are also intelligently arranged, but the Z4’s design and mix of materials makes it feel plusher compared with the starker, more conservative TT’s. In terms of outright quality, there’s little in it, although when push comes to shove, the TT just edges it for fit and finish.

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