No petrol/diesel cars in cities by 2050

* Bold targets from the European Commission * Fewer cars in cities, and more rail use * Commission wants 60% reduction in emissions by 2050...

No petrol/diesel cars in cities by 2050

Radical proposals to ban all petrol- and diesel-powered cars from cities by 2050 have been revealed by the European Commission.

The Commission's Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area contains proposals to slash transport-related carbon emissions by 60% within 40 years. It will also encourage wider use of electric-, hydrogen- and hybrid-powered cars in cities, as well as more walking and cycling.

How this is achieved will vary from country to country, but the Commission says it will provide funding and an EU-wide framework to encourage the adoption of electric cars.

Greater use of a 'transformed' rail network is another key strategy of the roadmap, which suggests 50% of medium-distance passenger trips and freight journeys of more than 186 miles (300km) should be made by rail.

The Roadmap is designed to cut Europe's reliance on oil for transport.