Other MPVs - part 2

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26 May 2011 23:01 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

Here's how other MPVs rated in this year's JD Power Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Survey. You can also take a look at our 'in focus' analysis of this particular sector.

8 Citron Xsara Picasso
Satisfaction rating 8.9%
Overall 68th

A relatively strong position for an ageing model. There are a few areas where the Xsara is beginning to show its age: the radio often struggled to find reception, and handling was rated well below average.

9 Renault Grand Scnic
Satisfaction rating 78.5%
Overall 76th=

The biggest Scnic improved marginally on its 2010 JD Power showing, although reliability issues still hold this previous-generation car back. Buyers listed the ventilation and exterior fit and finish as problematic.

10 Volkswagen Touran
Satisfaction rating 78.2%
Overall 78th=

Like its sister MPV, the Golf Plus, the Tourans handling received praise. Few things went wrong, but some owners say dealers could improve their performance. The Touran may then start moving up the table again.

11 Ford S-Max
Satisfaction rating 77.9%
Overall 80th=

The S-Max is one of our favourite MPVs, but it has fallen foul of some owners. They enjoyed its dynamics and practicality, but not its interior trim, electrics or transmission. The service experience came in for criticism, too.

12 Mazda 5
Satisfaction rating 77.7%
Overall 82nd

Mazda should take a long hard look at how its dealers treat customers if it wants to improve the 5s standing the experience from start to finish scored on average just two stars. Otherwise, owners seem a generally content bunch.

13= Citron Berlingo
Satisfaction rating 77.4%
Overall 85th=

The Berlingo is the black sheep of the Citron family with its position near the bottom of the table. Why? The MPV was consistently given two stars for appeal. On the plus side, owners report that reliability issues rarely dog their Berlingos.

13= Vauxhall Zafira
Satisfaction rating 77.4%
Overall 85th=

The wooden spoon may be saved for another MPV, but theres not much glory in joint 13th place for the Zafira. Its scores were distinctly average, with it earning no more than three stars anywhere. It was among the bottom for fuel economy.

15 Renault Scnic
Satisfaction rating 77.3%
Overall 88th=

Renaults mid-sized MPV has slipped from seventh last year to 15th. Cars were blighted with problems, from the engine failing to start to issues with the ventilation system. The Scnics on-road performance was deemed poor, too.

Sinner: Toyota Verso
16 Toyota Verso
Satisfaction rating 77.0%
Overall 91st

Last year the Corolla-based Verso held a worthy third position. This year, however, it has dropped to 16th and last place. Why?

It wasnt the way the servicing was carried out owners reported that they were generally very happy. There were some reliability issues, but the Verso still did better in this section than other cars. It seems that owners just dont like their cars, with the Verso managing only a two-star average rating for appeal; owners werent particularly enamoured with the way the car looks or with the interior quality and refinement.