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14 Mar 2011 11:31 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 0:3

Shop around when your insurance comes up for renewal
Dont just shop around for insurance when you replace your car: do it every time the premium comes up for renewal. Use comparison websites such as compare.whatcar.com and see if your current insurer will beat the best quote.

Stick to the speed limit
According to the Department for Transport, driving at 80mph uses up to 25% more fuel than driving at 70mph.

Wash your car by hand
A mechanical car wash may be the easy route to a clean car, but washing by hand is cheaper and better for your cars paintwork.

Shop around for servicing
Your closest dealer may not be cheapest. Ring around for the best deal (including independent garages) then challenge your local dealer to match the price.

Check your tyre pressures
Always make sure your tyres are at the correct pressure. The car will drive better, the tyres will wear more slowly and you
can expect to use less fuel.

Find your cheapest local filling station
Use an online search facility such as Petrolprices.com to find the cheapest fuel near you. Check back regularly so you never pay over the odds.

Drive better, save pounds
Anticipate traffic, avoid hard acceleration and braking, and change gear earlier without letting the engine labour. Being a smoother, more careful driver will cut your fuel bill.

Share your commute
Sharing the drive into work with a colleague will cut your fuel bills and keep miles off your cars clock. You might find that Alan from accounts isnt such a bad bloke after all.

Pay for insurance annually, not by instalments
Paying by instalment avoids coughing up a large lump sum, but youll be stung for interest each month. Its much cheaper to pay your insurance premium up front.

Take an advanced driving course
Learning to be a better driver wont just help you stay safe, many insurers offer discounts to drivers with a recognised advanced driving qualification.